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Room Planners

Bedroom planning - Your bedroom should be the most tranquil place in the home; an ill designed bedroom can mean that, at worst, you dont get the rest you need. By planning your bedroom properly, you can ensure that you strike the right balance between storage, design and functionality. When planning your bedroom be sure to take measurements and think about how you can use your existing space to your advantage. Your bed and dressing table can form key focal pieces of your room; and our wide and varied designs are perfect for everything from traditional to minimalist décor with clean lines and a pale colour palette.

Bathroom planning - Your bathroom must be designed with functionality in mind; a poorly laid out bathroom can hinder the morning rush or disrupt what should be a relaxing bath time. When planning your bathroom ensure that you get the most of the space by considering storage, and the little touches that change a bathrooms feel. An additional factor to bear in mind is that your little additions can make all the difference in terms of style; regardless of what suite you have, you can turn an outdated bathroom into anything from a timelessly elegant room to a contemporary and modern space.

Living room planning - Given that your living room is likely to be the most used room in the entire house it is vital that you design with durability and comfort in mind. For those short on space, you may need to make a trade-off between large furniture items and a reasonably sized sofa. You will also need to think about the differing ways in which you use it, so for those that eat as well as relax in their living room, youll need to design with a dual purpose in mind.

Kitchen planning - Theres a good reason that the kitchen is often described as the ‘heart of the home; and more and more families are using this space as a living area. Planning your kitchen can be a difficult task, particularly for those that are short on space. In such an instance, you will want to go for space saving designs and a pale palette; if however you are lucky enough to have an open plan kitchen, you can choose furniture that maximises this space as not only a cooking and eating area, but also an entertaining and relaxing area. In this case youll want to think about what items you need for the differing purposes of use.

Childrens bedroom planning - Planning how to decorate and furnish your childs room can at first have you filled with excitement and eager to get going. However, before you start buying any items, you need to think about not only functional factors such as storage and safety, but also how your child will grow with this room; the last thing you want to do is make an investment today, only for them to grow out of it by this time next year. You must also keep in mind what your childs preferences are; whilst the rest of the home may have a cutting edge, modern design, your child would probably love nothing more than a novelty bed that will make getting them to sleep a breeze.

Conservatory planning - For those that are lucky enough to have the addition of a conservatory to their home, designing and using the space in the best way possible can be a surprisingly difficult experience. To truly get all you can out of this space you need to ensure that you have sufficient storage that will stop this valuable area from becoming a junk room. You will additionally need to think about comfort; this area is likely to be the most relaxing room in the house during the summer months, and may require extra seating for those bbqs and parties you put on.