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Furniture Buying Guides

Home furniture fulfils many vital roles, ranging from storage to display, and you'll want to ensure that the furniture that you choose is not only a good match to your practical requirements, but also looks good next to the rest of your home's décor and, of course, comes within your budget.

With our buying guides, you can find out more about the various options that are available to you with each furniture type, as well as several other top tips on such subjects as maintenance.

Bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is your private haven, the place to which to retreat when the stresses of the world become too much. It's also where you get that much-needed good night's sleep. As quite possibly the most important room of the house, the bedroom is home to such furniture as the wardrobe - of which there are many forms that we offer here at The Home, including free-standing and fitted - as well as the chest of drawers, dressing table and bedside cabinet.

There is also, of course, the bed frame itself to consider, and we stock a variety of Single, Double and King Size bed frames along with their corresponding mattresses.

Dining room furniture

As the area of the home where guests are received and conversation thrives, the dining room really needs to impress - and long-lasting, good quality furniture plays a major part in this. Allow us to give you advice on all of the vital furniture items for your dining room, including dining tables and their matching chairs, as well as often-forgotten practical options and accent pieces such as sideboards, wine racks and dressers.

Indeed, dining room furniture items such as dressers frequently come with many different combinations of drawers, shelving and areas for display, whereas extending tables are another elegant option if you find yourself with widely varying numbers of guests at different times.

Living room furniture

The living room is the most obvious focal point of the home, where you are likely to do everything from watching the TV to receiving guests - and as such, the furniture needs to be top notch. Our range here at The Home includes those all-important coffee tables for setting down that mug or TV remote, and also covers TV stands, bookcases and mirrors.

Office furniture

More and more of us are working from home these days, whether for most or all of our jobs. This only makes it all the more important that you have top quality and well-priced office furniture to ensure maximum productivity and comfort whilst working. From computer desks and bookcases to storage for CDs and DVDs, our office furniture is great for clearing not only that annoying clutter, but your mind as well.

Get searching today for your dream home furniture!

So, where to start? Once you've had a peruse of our buying guides, simply take a look at the navigation bar at the top of this page, which gives you the option to shop by type, range or brand.

That means that whether you're in need of bookcases and coffee tables for your living room, chests of drawers or wardrobes for your bedroom or instead something for the home office, you shouldn't have to search for long to find the ideal furniture for your needs.